Life it seems may be short, may be long

Finally got back here.
Had some devastating news regarding my health.
No-one actually gives a shit.
Going for surgery next week.
Transformation, maybe rejuvenation,
Maybe the beginning of the end.
I've got a terrible year ahead.
Life might be short,
May be long.

Twistidd out.


Wow that was negative

Just read my last post.

It's a bit negative, isn't it. Well nothing really has changed. I have finished an academic paper which might or might not be published. No news is ... no news.
I'm still teaching piecemeal, but might have bitten off a bit more than I can chew at the moment.
It's nearing the end of semester and I have so much marking to do it's ridiculous.
Most of which isn't paid for. (humph).

Oh I have a market stall happening on June 4th. I'm going to attempt selling my jewellery. My first foray into merchandising and retail. How interesting will this be?

Twistidd out.


Jewellery and other such compulsive behaviour

Hi All,
I've been busy making jewellery. Why? Well obviously it's not for selling, I've barely sold any. My lovely sister gave me a massive box of beads over summer, and I offloaded a whole bunch of my previously made jewellery at a gallery in Balmain.
The gallery is called Breathing Colours and the owner keeps on forgetting who I am and that I have quite a bit of jewellery exhibited at her joint.I am another nobody, a forgettable nothing.
So why do I continue to make the stuff? Well (and here I must mention that I made the first title of this containing the word "addictive" but strictly speaking wanting to do something like this is a compulsion. I learned that little error after my monstering after my TEDex talk on gaming). I find it relaxing. It keeps my mind off the disappointments in life.
And disappointed I am indeed. It seems no matter how hard you struggle, you study, you work hard, that no-one wants to employ an intelligent 50+ woman with a PhD.
So I bead. It keeps my heart full and my mind calm.
I'm so jacked off with the whole employment thing that I feel I want to quit this struggle. And why not? I've paid off the flat. I'm paying off the investment house.
I swear I'm overdue an overseas trip. I'm overdue luck. I'm overdue success. I suspect that my luck has run out. I took all my good fortune for granted and now I'm struggling working piecemeal in an industry that doesn't employ people like me full time, let alone permanent.

Now I shall stop whinging and get back on that mother fucker of a horse and keep on riding.

Twistidd out.


Long time no blog

Well I've been working as usual, just had a little holiday. Went up to Coffs to stay with a friend who has bought a farmlet up there. DJ stayed and worked, but Kate and I had a wonderful time. Really lovely time, marred by the fact that I've had a belly wog for the past few days. I hope it's food poisoning and not gastro, as I don't want anyone else to get it.
I'm become resigned to the concept that after five years of hard slog that I'm probably not going to get a gig as an academic, so I'm still hanging on like grim death with my "casual" teaching job - which is more than a full time load. I find the inequities so much more than I can bear to think about. So I don't.
Society here is mooching along. Abbott is making the same mistakes that all politicians do. The greens are increasingly looking like the voice of sanity, and Shorten hasn't quite found his sea legs yet. MH370 is still missing. Who would have thought in this day an age that an entire airliner could just vanish? It's such a wonderful (and tragic) mystery.
 I really haven't paid too much attention to this blog in the past year, I've been busy blogging on tutorials over at http://www.chatteuracademy.com. I've also been madly instagramming. I really enjoy taking photos, but DJ doesn't seem to think too much about it. He has been hinting that I should buy a decent camera, but I think that's because he would like to use it. I don't know that I mentioned that he bought a new car a year ago. I just love it. I don't drive it too often, but it's just lovely. Great choice. We drove it up to Coffs and it makes driving a pleasure.


It's been a while

Long time no blog. I've been busy teaching, graduating, looking after little one and generally not blogging. I've passed through my Words with Friends addiction and facebook in general, which is now still useful, but not quite as compelling. Gone onto Instagram. Addicted. Mmmm. Also back into e-learning, writing a report for the college. We'll see what comes with that.


And so the castles come tumbling down...

  Well summer is definitely on the way and change is in the air. Barack Obama was re-elected yesterday and the mood is historic. (Think everyone is sighing a bit of a sigh of relief as the other bloke was a bit of a scarey "I'll say anything for a vote" kind of guy.)
I'm officially looking for work, as the sand castles we have been building at TAFE are about to come tumbling down, thank you liberal government. I don't quite understand how training for the future has become such a slash and burn area. Three liberal governments slashing education funding. I'm afraid credibility of the liberals is getting a bit thin on the ground. Considering the Premier's love dance with James Packer and his casino.
But then again I'm an education evangelist, so I'm speaking with a coloured view. I'm quite excited by responsive design, and I'm going to have a go at teaching it next semester to the TV guys. I think it will work. I hope it will work. I must investigate the apple educational authoring platform that came out last year. Guess I need a mac for that. Mmmm.
Got my new laptop, very excited. Spent quite a bit of time filling it with software. Now to get busy with it. Got to get my subscription area working on wordpress and get some videos on it over summer. Why not?
E-learning development is what I do, but I'm not giving away my resources for free...I spend hours developing courseware content. It's mine... all mine precious....


How nice is this?

I'm on term break and it's a gorgeous day! The small one wanted to go into childcare for a couple of days to play with friends, so she's having a good time. The sun is out and I can smell the delicious aroma of jasmine on the air. We have it growing wild in the park outside our balcony. I'm listening to the lovely Kathrin DeBoer of Belleruche on the computer as I mark my students work. It's just so lovely! In other news, DJ has a job now, so we're okay. Bad news is that the abhorrent Barry O'Farrell has slashed education's budget by some 1.7billion dollars in the past few months. So the question is, do I look for a new job or just look for other sources of income? OH I'm just loving Belleruche's album...